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TCU John V. Roach Honors College
Directions for Proposing New Lower-Division Honors Course or
Honors Designation for an Existing Lower-Division Course
(see attached figure)

Honors Curriculum Committee Meeting Schedule:

SPRING 2015 Meeting Dates:

Materials Due*: (1 hardcopy & 1 electronic copy)

- Fridays, 1-2:30 p.m., Honors Conference Room:








-  Fridays:








*Please send the hardcopy materials to John V. Roach Honors College Curriculum Committee, 1016 Scharbauer Hall, TCU Box 297022 Fort Worth, TX 76129 and the soft copy to or contact 817.257.7125 for more information.

Faculty members interested in proposing any new lower-division honors course should first gain the approval of their department/program chair before beginning the process.

For new courses with a discipline or program prefix outside honors, proposals begin with the disciplinary/program curriculum committee. That is if the course in question currently does NOT exist in the catalog, the faculty member should first fill out the new course proposal form from the TCU undergraduate council website and submit this form together with appropriate documents (e.g., sample syllabus) to the home department or other unit that houses the prefix. If the envisioned new course would be offered by honors, review begins with the honors curriculum committee. For all new lower-division courses, in addition to the undergraduate council new course proposal form and sample syllabus, faculty members should submit in hard and soft copy the appropriate form requesting honors designation —i.e., cultural visions or elective designation request form.

In proposing an honors designation for an already-existing lower-division course in the TCU catalog, the faculty member should determine whether to seek cultural visions or elective designation for the class and submit the appropriate form with the course syllabus to the honors curriculum committee chair in hard and soft copy.

The deadlines for material submission are presented above. The honors curriculum committee will examine the proposed course and provide the faculty with feedback as needed prior to the meeting when the proposal will be considered.  The faculty member(s) proposing the course may be invited to make a presentation at the meeting to explain how the proposed course meets the Honors College course requirements. Should changes be required, the faculty member will be invited to revise and resubmit the materials to the committee. The Dean of the Honors College will then convene a virtual or in-person meeting with a selected team of faculty from the full committee to reexamine the course proposal. 

Once the honors curriculum committee approves the proposal, the faculty proposing the course should then submit the new course proposal to the undergraduate council. Faculty need not submit already-existing course to the undergraduate council.

Deadlines for submitting requests to the TCU Undergraduate Council are available here.


Deadlines for Consideration of a New Honors Course or Honors Designation for an Existing Course:

For Spring 2015:                                                        FAC                            UG Council

Course Exists in the Catalog:                                       April 10, 2015             N/A

Course Does Not Exist in the Catalog                          February 6, 2015         February 18, 2015

Honors College Course Proposal Request Forms (in Word format):

- Cultural Visions (SEE ATTACHED)

- Honors Elective (SEE ATTACHED)

Spring 2015

Honors Curriculum Committee Membership:

Beata Jones, Honors College & Neeley School of Business, Committee Chair (; Scharbauer 1016C)

Sarah Robins, Honors College, Acting Dean

Giri Akkaraju (Biology), College of Science and Engineering

Claudia Camp, (Religion), AddRan College of Liberal Arts, Humanities
Amber Esping (Educational Psychology), College of Education

Tim Watkins (School of Music), College of Fine Arts

Stacy Grau (Marketing), Neeley School of Business

David Jenkins (Social Work), Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Paul King (Communication Studies), College of Communication
Ron Pitcock, Honors College

James Riddlesperger (Political Science), Add Ran College of Liberal Arts, Social Science

Loren Spice (Math), Faculty Senate, Academic Excellence CommitteeRepresentative
Dan Williams, Honors College

Requesting Creation of a New Lower-Division Honors Course or Honors Designation for an Existing Lower-Division Course




Honors College Course Proposal- Cultural Visions - Word File

Honors College Course Proposal - Cultural Visitions - PDF File

Honors College Course Proposal - Colloquia

Honors College Course Proposal - Honors Elective - Word File

Honors College Course Proposal - Honors Elective - PDF File

Honors College - Honors Abroad Program Proposal for Cultural Visions Credit


Honors College Credit Contract - Word File

Honors College Credit Contract - PDF File

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